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23andMe…and me

This past Sunday in the New York Times Magazine, a guy with j0436915a tremendous head of hair wrote about how, in having his genomes sequenced, he found out that genetically speaking, he should be bald. (OK, so Steven Pinker wrote about a lot more than that…but did you see that head of hair!!?)

This morning, here in San Francisco, where I am (for now) escaping the horrifyingly cold weather in NY, I am awaiting the results of my own spit test.  A few weeks ago I spit into a vial (which I then made vile), mixed said spit with some concoction 23andMe sent me, stuck it all in an envelope and sent it off to 23andMe, where some unsuspecting scientist undoubtedly discovered that I eat way too much garlic.

I’m hoping they discover more.  Like maybe why I’m so low on the hand-eye coordination scale.  Or (more seriously) if I’m prone to diabetes, to certain kinds of cancer, Crohn’s disease, or if there’s some reason both my daughter and I love mint but hate wintergreen.  Hey, maybe there’s some genetic reason some Lifesavers flavor-name-writer chose to call it Wint-o-Green? Very annoying, that.

The whole idea of 23andMe is to provide consumers access to a truly amazing new technology that can teach us an awful lot about who we are — and that has the potential to change the way we treat disease, or look at disability, or relate to ourselves.  Genome testing gives us the opportunity for an amazing insight into who we are. And 23andMe is hoping that as we share this information online, we’ll help them create a research database that could, eventually, help scientists with research, and help people connect on a totally different and more profound level than “I’m a Beyonce fan and so are you!” (more…)


January 14, 2009 at 9:01 am 3 comments

My First Working Mom Dilemma

A few years ago, when my twins were three or four years old, I left my daughter home with the Nanny while I went to work.  My Wee One (WO) had a cold, so part way through my day, I called to see how she was.

Me: Hi baby-girl! How are you?

Wee One: I’m fine.  But where are you, Mommy?

Me: I’m at work.

WO:  Do you have a hammmer?

Me: No, sweetie.  No hammer.  What do you think Mommy does at work?

WO:  I don’t know.  What do you do?

Me: I make commercials so that people know what shows to watch on TV.

WO:  Well, that doesn’t sound very important.  I think you should just come home.

Out of the mouths of babe, right?  Not long after that I slowed work considerably, only accepting those projects I knew wouldn’t keep me in the edit room until 3am. (Which in TV, isn’t a lot.)  And eventually, I stopped more or less all together, aside from the occasional day-job here and there.

But recently, I started working again.  And today, I had to back out of going on a class trip because I have a work meeting I can’t get out of.

You know what?  This working thing is really cramping my style. (more…)

September 22, 2008 at 10:02 pm 1 comment

Mom for President!

With the conventions over, and Sarah Palin’s nasty speech somehow energizing the right, it’s starting to seem as if the Republicans are going to win.

Something must be done.   So I’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring.  I’m running on the MOM platform.  And it’s not an acronym.  I’m running as a Mom, on the issues that matter to Moms and here’s where I stand.

1.  The Economy

Where does all the kinzcash go?  Really, I’d like to know.  My son and daughter often choose to play on the Webkinz website for their allowed thirty minutes of screen-time each day.  There, they earn Kinzcash for doing jobs, and playing games.  Yet they never seem to have enough Kinzcash to buy the things they need for their pets, like a new chew toy, or a large screen tv. (And really, what virtual penguin doesn’t need a 55″ plasma?) America needs to start putting a little kinzcash in the bank for that sick-day when all screen-time rules go out the window, and they play on the computer all day. Click on! Don’t you want to read where I stand on healthcare, the sanctity of marriage and more?

September 7, 2008 at 9:31 pm 2 comments

The Party’s Over

Yesterday, I took a job.

A real, honest to goodness, I will get a paycheck job.

I didn’t do this lightly. I had slowed down working a lot about three years ago, then stopped completely one year ago, and I was starting to lose my mind. Full-time mommy-hood was killing me. Too much stress. Too much worry. Too much laundry. I even blogged about it here, and here.

I felt like my days were completely overloaded…with absolutely nothing. Remember, my kids aren’t babies anymore. They’re in school all day. That meant my days were filled with cleaning and grocery shopping and cooking, and feeling guilty if I didn’t get to the gym. ( For really, wasn’t that my job? Super-fit exercise mom?

I didn’t want to just have days filled with Yoga class, and lunch with friends, and afternoon jaunts to the museum. I wanted to feel like I was contributing to the world, to our bank account. I missed the camaraderie of the edit-room, the creative energy of brainstorming meetings.

So I decided I’d start looking for some freelance work once the summer was over. Well — the summer is over.


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