WE HAVE A 23andMe WINNER: (And a discount code for 10 lucky others!)

June 29, 2009 at 5:35 pm Leave a comment


Act fast and get $50 off!

Act fast and get $50 off!

Thanks to all of you for your comments — but there is only one winner — Judy A. from North Carolina has won a DNA Testing service from 23andMe! I’ve put her in touch with the folks at 23andMe and they’ll take it from here.


But don’t despair if you haven’t won! If you click quickly, you could get $50 off your own kit from 23andMe.com, by using this coupon code at checkout: HBXP84.  The code is only good for the first ten people, and it’s only good for two days from today — so go on, click, buy, take the plunge, and find out all kinds of cool stuff about yourself. 

It was fascinating to read all of your responses to my questions, and very interesting to see how few of you felt that you might find  out “too much” information about yourself, or that if you found out something scary – it would be a bad thing.  Then again, I guess that if you’re interested in the service, then you must already be ready to know as much about yourself as possible. 

My 23andMe gig has come to a close with this post, but I have had a great time, and I will continue to visit the site, participate in the community, and learn as much about my genetic self as possible.  23andMe has a great mission: to make DNA testing services available to more people through excellent pricing, to effect change in health care, to empower people with information about themselves, and to serve as a research bank to scientists around the globe.  Sounds good to me.

And to Judy: Congratulations!  Find me on 23andWe  (the community part of the site), and let me know how you are doing.  I’d love to know how it works out for you!


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23andMe DNA Testing Kit Giveaway Bye Bye Blankie

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