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Me and Rachael Ray

rachael-rayI have 67 cookbooks.  67! Julia Child, James Beard, Jim Fobel, Patricia Wells, Barbara Kafka, The Silver Palate gals…to name a few.  And those are only the ones in active rotation.  There are other “collectible” cookbooks around the house too – my 1950’s Happy Housewife book, for instance. .   I also have countless back issues of Bon Appetit, Gourmet, and my new favorite, Fine Cooking. Not to mention the literally THOUSANDS of recipes I’ve cut out from newspapers and magazines over the years.  Those fill another four notebooks and a little index card file.  There are the recipes I keep in my online Epicurious folder,  the ones I’ve saved to my hard drive, and all those recipes that are just stuck in my head.  No paper necessary.

I’ve made my own pastry for Beef Wellington (an oldie, but a goodie).  I made most of my kids’ baby food from scratch.  I’ve cooked squid and duck and venison.  I’ve flambeed cognac, and made my own fish stock.  I even have a kick-ass (secret) recipe for Pear and Leek soup. Sounds weird, but man, is it good.

Why, then, do I find myself turning, more and more, to Rachael Ray?  (more…)


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Elmo and The Hoff: I thank you….I think

how-elmo-works-1See those two guys right here?  Yeah, them, Elmo and David Hasselhoff, well because of those two, hasselhoff-david-photo-xl-david-hasselhoff-6210197I’m suddenly getting hundreds and hundred of clicks on my site every day.

Why, you ask?  I have absolutley no idea.

I searched around to see if perhaps there was big Elmo news at the moment.  Maybe he’s getting married.  Maybe he got divorced.  Maybe, (since he’s three) he’s finally finished with the dreadful process that is the NYC Private Pre-K Admissions process, and he’s announced where he’ll be fingerpainting next year.


Seems people just like Elmo, and they Google him a lot.  And once, several months back, I wrote a post suggesting  John McCain dump Sarah Palin and run with Elmo instead.  (click here to read why) Here we are, three months later, and when people Google Elmo, they are somehow being diverted to my site.  Hopefully, none of them works for CTW, since I “borrowed”  that cute little picture of Elmo without asking. (Don’t worry CTW lawyers: I’m not making ANY money from this site. Trust me on that.)

David Haselhoff – same thing.  I also suggested him for McCain.  Seems lot of people are out there searching for him, too.  Go figure. And they’re ending up right here.

The Elmo fans and Hasselhoff fans who are finding my site?  Well, I’m pretty sure none of them is actually reading my blog…but they are clicking to it.

So it got me wondering: what is it about Elmo and The Hoff that is so much more compelling than aging, motherhood, and my twenty year quest to lose the same ten pounds?

As for Elmo, he’s cute, he’s furry, and he likes to sing.  I’m cute, if I don’t wax often enough I get furry, and I like to sing.  So it’s not that.  Maybe it’s that Elmo is all about other people, about finding things out and teaching.  And I’m all about navel gazing.  And it ain’t much of a navel, I can tell you that.  Maybe that’s why I gaze at it:  if I’m not going to, well, who will?

I’m hoping that at least some of the Elmo searchers who end up here will look around, maybe laugh a little, maybe come back when they’re not looking for the little red guy.  But if not – well, seeing those hits go up and up on the stats chart just makes me feel good.  It’s kinda like when you have a scale you KNOW is low, but it still makes you feel good to get on it.  Or when you know a company (like Old Navy) has vanity sizing, but it still feels good to zip up the size six.  Maybe it’s all a fantasy, but it’s my fantasy, and I’m sticking with it.

And the Hoff? Why oh why are so many people searching for him? Well, in his case, there’s just no accounting for taste.

January 29, 2009 at 3:33 pm 3 comments

Two Contests – Three Prizes

OK, OK, so maybe nobody out there is all that interested in winning the GORGEOUS size 2T Wati Design blazer I put up earlier in the week. (Though your chances are very good. Not too many entries) How about this instead: on Traveling Mom, where I’m the Saturday blogger, they’re giving away the perfect keep-’em-quiet in the backseat DS games: a Neopets Puzzle Adventure DS game and second drawing for Hello Kitty game. Just click on over to Traveling Mom, tell them your best travel adventure story and you’ll be entered.

Oh, and you can still enter my contest for your chance to win a beautiful child’s jacket and make someone (or their Mom) very happy until Friday night!

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Check out my post on

traveling-mom-logoI’m TravelingAgelessMom at my new gig, as the Saturday blogger on Check out my first post here:
Business Travel: The Good, The Bad, and the Yoga.

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Blah Blah Blah: Why won’t my kids Listen?

Years ago, my sister got my father a t-shirt that read: I’m not deaf, I’m just ignoring you.
I think my 8 year old son has somehow, through the miracle of genetic osmosis, absorbed that message.
Here is a typical exchange:
Me: Time to get off the computer.
He: I am getting off. (continues exactly as before)
Me: Time to get off the computer.
He: I am. Right now. (continues exactly as before)
Me: Computer. Off.
He: (continues on)
Me: Hello?
He: (continues on)
and on and on and on.

It’s kind of an audiological phenomenon. As if getting so old that I’m invisible to men under the age of 70 wasn’t bad enough, now I’m inaudible to boys under ten.

I’m going to start manufacturing a line of mom-hearing aids. Hearing aids that make kids hear their moms all the time, even over the ambient noise of computer games. I’ll call it The Momplifyer.
Now if I could just get someone to listen to my pitch….

January 24, 2009 at 11:23 pm 4 comments

What A Trip!

I’ve been back from my 23andMe super-secret-special-project extravaganza trip for some time now.  I’ve been basking in the glory that was four days away from household chores, drop-off, pick up, and frigid temperatures. I did miss my kids and hubby, tis true, but it was a small price to pay for a little solitude, a bit of fun, and a whole lot of information about personal genome testing.

But my giveaway jacket is chocolate brown!

But my giveaway jacket is chocolate brown!

Since I am still bound by the 23andMe code of secrecy, I can’t tell you too much about why I was there and what I’ll be doing for the company.  I can, however, tell you that while I was there I scored an ENORMOUS amount of swag.  One of the cutest things I got was the little jacket pictured here (only mine is chocolate brown)., by wati design.  Sadly, it’s a size two.  Too small for my 8 year old daughter.  But that’s where you come in: leave a comment below, and you could win this gorgeous little embroidered size 2T blazer, sure to make any little girl look like a million bucks.  (Just make sure to leave your email so I can find you if you win.)

Keep reading and I’ll tell you more about the rules and regs at the end of the post. (more…)

January 22, 2009 at 4:44 pm 10 comments

On Momming and Aging and My Twenty Year Quest to Lose the Same Ten Pounds

January 22, 2009 at 4:18 pm 1 comment

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